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Data Backup & Disaster Recovery for Small Businesses

Data loss isn’t always a direct result of a natural or manmade calamity such as a tornado, raging fire or massive flooding. More than half of the data loss incidents have to do with hardware malfunctions or human errors.

For scammers, all data is a potential target, including yours. One click on a malicious link or one malware download by your staff and ransomware can lock everyone out of your systems.

Put simply, losing data is incredibly ‘easy’ and there are numerous ‘everyday’ situations that can make ‘business data loss’ a reality.

Partial data loss can cost you thousands of dollars; total data loss can put you out of business.

The Data Loss Nightmare

Consider the following scenarios:

  • Some data that you worked hard to gather, create, process and deliver is invaluable. What if you lose it during a calamity with no disaster recovery mechanism in place? Will you start over?
  • How’d you explain to your clients that you’ve lost some irreplaceable data? How will it hurt your reputation?
  • How can you keep your business up and running when all customer records are inaccessible or cannot be retrieved?

Whether it’s a natural calamity, a virus or a hardware error resulting in loss of data, the result is the same – your business is at the receiving end!

DP Tech Group’s Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Hourly backups: A backup copy is created every hour on a backup server (onsite and/or offsite).
  • Encrypted data transfers: Your data is moved to or from an offsite data center in an encrypted form for maximum protection.
  • Restore files/folders: You can retrieve a specific file or folder from a specific day or hour in the past.
  • Human intervention: Our backup and recovery solutions are continually monitored by an expert so that timely actions can be taken, should an anomaly, vulnerability or deviation from established rule be noticed. Our expert will guide you through a pre-defined recovery process if anything goes wrong.
  • Cloud Based Disaster Recovery: If your business premises are simply inaccessible during/after a calamity or when all local data has been lost, we can help keep your business up and running with cloud backups.
  • Speedy Recovery: You can retrieve a corrupted file from a backup server within seconds. After a crash, your local server can be up and running within an hour.

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