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Phone System Follow Me Configuration

VoIP Phone System Feature – Follow Me Follow Me is an advanced feature and it can be managed from the main panel of the hosted PBX phone system. The facility practically makes it possible for all calls to ‘follow’ you – the user. In environments where different users are always on the move or when […]

VoIP Phone Message System for Voicemail

VoIP Phone System Feature – Voicemail Voicemail is a very common and the most basic feature in all phone systems of the day. It very cleverly allows the user to leave a pre-recorded message for his callers. The user also adds instructions on how to leave a message. The user can play that message later […]

Voicemail to Email VoIP System

VoIP Phone System Feature – Voicemail to Email As the name suggests, the ‘Voicemail-to-Email’ feature enables a user to receive voicemail messages directly on his email. A copy of the message is sent to the email address configured by the user. The user can directly listen to a voicemail message on a desktop computer or […]

PBX Call Reporting

VoIP Phone System Feature – Call Reporting Regularly updated and easy-to-understand reports are must-have for just about any PBX system. In a report, all phone calls, incoming and outgoing, can be analyzed quite easily as the information is presented in the form of charts and graphs. Various filters can be applied to view the accumulated […]

Phone System Office Hours

VoIP Phone System Feature – Office Hours The Office Hours is a useful feature that informs all callers about the exact working hours of the organization and its employees. The call is routed on the basis of the time, the day or the month when it is made. Custom messages can be set as ‘default’ […]

Music on Hold on VoIP Systems

VoIP Phone System Feature – Music On Hold As the name suggests, this feature of a hosted PBX is used to configure a voice message to be played out to callers on hold or those who are currently moved to a call queue. The on hold tone or message can be configured in accordance with […]

VoIP Call Queues on PBX System

VoIP Phone System Feature – Call Queues A Call Queue is an essential hosted PBX feature for organizations that experience a heavy flow of incoming calls and telephonic queries. This feature enables the PBX panel to place various incoming calls on-hold, prioritized according to their waiting period. In other words, the call which came in […]

Do Not Disturb Feature on Phone System

VoIP Phone System Feature – Do Not Disturb The DND feature comes very handy when the user does not wish to take a call. He could be busy in a meeting or handling some important matters at hand. Once he activates the Do Not Disturb feature, the calls will get rejected automatically. This feature resembles […]

VoIP Announcement System Intercom and Paging

VoIP Phone System Feature – Intercom and Paging An Intercom facility in a hosted PBX is used to facilitate internal communication in a hassle free manner. It allows employees in an organization to communicate with each other by simply dialing the desired extension. Employees can get in touch with each other by using the intercom […]

Phone Directory on PBX System

VoIP Phone System Feature – Phone Directory Phone Directory is a very smart feature. It can be used by internal and external callers both. When the number for the directory is called, the caller is encouraged to enter the first three alphabets of the name of the person he is trying to get in touch […]